Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Holiday Season

Once again, the Holidays were upon us and it was time to trim the tree, shop for gifts and get ready for the New Year. Thankfully, my Christmas is typically spent at the Oregon coast in a little town called Yachats. This usually affords me some down time in order to go out shooting this magnificent stretch of the coast.

This year I was extremely fortunate to have some spectacular weather and tides during my stay there. As is my custom, I usually shoot an image and create a Christmas card to send electronically to everyone on Christmas day. Here is this years card...

I had the good fortune to shoot Seal Rocks, though the tide was not ideal. This is a wonderful little beach south of Waldport that features sea stacks, interesting rocks in the foreground and occassionally seals sunning themselves on the rock. I was also fortunate to see a wonderful natural formation called Thors Well, which is a huge hole in the rock and when the tides are just right, the ocean swells up and out of this hole, forming pillows of water. It's a magical scene!

The seas were high during my stay there, so I was cautious when I was around the ocean, but I still managed to get soaked to the bone several times. Salt water and digital cameras don't get along too good together, so I did my best to keep my electronics out of the water. Save the camera, soak myself :-)

Happy New Years to everyone. I hope that 2010 brings each and every one of you happiness and good fortune.


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