Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Photography

As this year comes to a close, photographic activities change somewhat. The weather is typically colder and much, much wetter here in the Pacific Northwest, so as a landscape photographer, I have to adapt to my environment to continue my passion through the winter months.

I spend alot more time watching the weather forecast and trying to predict when favorable shooting conditions will exist. As arctic storms pass through the area, there can be brief windows of clear or partially clear sky that will develop. Actually, just after a storm passes is a great time to be out shooting because there will usually be broken clouds to help create some interest in the sky. During storms can also be an interesting time to shoot. Capturing a storm surge as it breaks on the coastline, or, the way the rains bring the colors to life in the forest, or the snows covering the mountains and trees....all make for very compelling photography.

Preparing for shooting outdoors during the winter is another matter. Everything from vehicle maintenance and emergency supplies should I get stuck, rain covers for my cameras and packs, down to warmers for my hands and equipment, all needs to be thought out before venturing out into the wilderness in the Winter. Hours of rain pounding against a Gore-Tex jacket while you're waiting for the perfect light really tests it's waterproofness!!!

Shooting in the Winter can be a daunting challenge, but capturing Nature at it's finest, and sometimes at it's harshest, can produce some amazing images.

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