Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oregon International Airshow

Every August, some of the best airshow performers come to Hillsboro Oregon to perform for an appreciative airshow crowd.  For the last several years I’ve attended the show to feed my love of airplanes and flying, as well as shoot pictures.
For the last couple of years the organizers have created a “photo pit” section for serious amateur photographers.  Enjoying the camaraderie of fellow photogs, not having umbrellas and screaming kids disrupting the shooting, this area is a perfect place to shoot the airshow.  However, no amount of VIP parking, special access, or big lenses could “fix” the biggest issue this year….the heat.  It hit 102 degrees on Saturday and absolutely cooked my brain. 
As the heat rose and the show ebbed and flowed, so did my photography.  I noticed that the hotter it got, the less enthusiastic I was for jumping up and firing off shots or working unique compositions.  Having been to dozens of airshows in my life, I am no longer mesmerized by the graceful aerobatics that are unfolding in front of me, so I usually concentrate on photography, on capturing unique compositions or dramatic action photographs.  This year however, because of the heat, the big test was dedication and commitment to just stay out there and shoot!  I knew if I stopped shooting to seek coolness, I would regret it, so I stuck it out the entire day and came home with a few good images.
I kind of equate this experience to landscape photography, when it’s 3:30am and you don’t want to get out of bed, or, when the skies aren’t looking good, yet you still need to get out there just in case the clouds break.
If you want the shots, you have to persevere and show up to shoot, regardless of the conditions! 

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  1. Congratulations for surviving the heat and making some good shots! Yeah, I know what you mean about the early AM decisions. We've done the same for possible hikes. It's always amazing, though, when you do persevere and come out with something wonderful that wouldn't have happened at any other time or place. Nice shot--and your mirror image shot of the T-Birds was awesome, too!